About the Company

What if your company’s ERP merged with your CRM and Project Management System in a multi-platform online web system? Imagine you could access your projects, teams and estimates from anywhere, using any device, at any time? How productive would your company get?

  • Skills Workflow consolidates ALL your company’s processes. Deliver always on-time and always on-budget. Guaranteed.
  • Many successful businesses use Skills Workflow. Global network agencies, local creative agencies, small design studios, production houses, service companies and many more.
  • The Skills Workflow platform integrates seamlessly with any financial ERP and other productivity tools.
  • A cloud, web & mobile technology that you can access from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Skills Workflow benefits from the feedback of thousands of users and incorporates this into frequent new releases. Give us your feedback to match your needs.
  • Deployed in over 20 countries on 4 continents. Available in all major languages.
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Community Features

Messages, Posts, Likes, Follow, Share, Pin, Chat, Activity Feeds in an ERP? Our experience on social networks and ERP software design has lead us into building the social ERP specifically targetting advertising.

Julie likes to keep up to date on her teams‘ Posts. So, she indicates she wishes to Follow the current teams projects. Consequently, her Feed shows her every Post from those projects.

Project Management

While projects are being defined in Gantt charts, Skills is calculating the total project duration in terms of unit resources and the corresponding cost per business unit.

Tasks are being generated, stages and milestones are set. According to resource availability (Skills shows you what everyone is doing and who‘s available) you set who gets to be in charge of which tasks. Tasks have their own workflow and can be re-assigned. Timesheets are generated on task completion.

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Handle estimates, purchase orders, billing, credits and debits. Send proposals to clients and track the different versions that you’ve discussed. Changes to billed estimates automatically generate credits and debits.

Bill the same estimate to several clients with different percentages. Control which costs are associated with which revenue. Estimate work time or production costs. Discuss proposals online and post comments on them. These features will boost your productivity like never before.


Integrate leads, actions, prospects and contacts with your dayly processes. The CRM in Skills is fully integrated with the rest of the system and: it includes all the social features you’ll love in Skills.

Know exactly what’s going on with your clients and anticipate future clients. Skills helps you to track down prospects and understand the stage at which a prospect is.

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