About the Company

B-Guest is a Guest Engagement Platform that has been designed to shorten the distance between hotels and guests, connecting them in the best possible way. It provides a set of innovative services for hotels, helping them reduce costs, increase revenues and make guests happier.

  • All our services are fully integrated with several PMS / POS in order to help hotels streamline their operations and get rid of manual tasks.
  • We’ve developed an API that can easily connect with any third-party APIs several PMS and POS vendors provide. All the necessary efforts to make these integrations from our side, have no cost for the Hotel.
  • The B-Guest platform integrates up-sell, analysis and multichannel tools.
  • A platform, web & mobile technology that hotels and guests can access from their computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • B-Guest provide to the Hotel a comunication with every guest, prior, during or after stay, using the channel of their preference. Such as e-mail, push, sms, Facebook Messenger, app and webapp.
  • Over 300 hotels worldwide and more than 1000 by 2017.
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We've developed a state of the art Check-In solution, totally integrated with several PMS, designed to be used by guests prior to arrival (on their laptop or smartphone) or when they arrive at the property, using a front desk tablet, according to their preference.

With the B-Guest Check-In solution, the hotel will be able to streamline operations, decreasing the time of Check-In, eliminating manual data input while reducing errors inherent to any manual activity, releasing the staff to other value added tasks and leveraging the perception guests have about the service.


Is sent an invitation to guests to Check-Out the day before departure. They can check their bill, authorise the payment, provide invoice details and leave the hotel avoiding any possible stressful queues.

Increase guests’ satisfaction while reducing 100% of Check-Out time.

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It’s important to provide tools that allow hotels to automatically communicate with every guest, prior, during or after stay, using the channel of their preference (e-mail, SMS, App and Fabebook Messenger).

Is also possible segment and personalize every communication according the guests’ profiles.
Let B-Guest do the job and start sending relevant information to guests as well as up-sell services, while increasing their satisfaction and the hotel revenues.


Offering B-Guest Mobile Concierge solution to guests, will allow the hotel to create a complementary communication and up-selling channel with them.

Guests can request whatever they want, anywhere, anytime and on their preferred language, always using their own devices.

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We provide a real-time service feedback solution for guests, every time they order a service or use hotel outlets, avoiding possible bad reviews on social media.

The hotel will empower their guests to evaluate the services at the right time. While bad ratings can be solved still at the property, good ratings are steered to be shared by guests on main social media which is great for the hotel reputation and future booking requests.
Transform unhappy guests into Hotel promoters.

Digital Compendium

B-Guest digital compendium is much more appealing to guests, that hotels can easily update on the fly without any cost and that guests can explore anywhere by conveniently using their mobile devices.

They just have to scan a QR code, type the hotel website address or click on a link of an e-mail, sms or wi-fi landing page to have all the hotel information at their disposal.
It will cut all the paper forms from the hotel rooms, reduce costs while making it more sustainable and ecological.

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