Our Mission

We make technology work for our clients! We provide ‘no-headache’ full-service solutions that eliminate our clients’ need to worry about downtime and businesses interruptions.

We provide added-value through the industry specific expertise and experience of our team. The size of our team and our partnerships with leading businesses allow us to provide uniquely stable solutions and very efficient response times.

We only operate in areas that we fully understand and where we have multiple clients and projects. Access to our resources and our team is easy, and our efficient organisation provides clients with trusted support for the challenges they face.

We treat all our clients as if they were the only one. In an ever-evolving market this is our motivation and our passion.





Our Products

We offer 5 basic solutions, which we can tailor further according to client needs, dimensions and expectations.

All in One

  • 24/7 IT Service Support
  • On-site Helpdesk
  • All IT related services administration
  • Disaster recovery and Business Continuity Plan
  • SOX Compliance program
  • Green IT programs and control
  • Hardware protected pricing
  • Online activity reporting

6 Pack

  • On-demand IT Service Support
  • Six hours pack used acording to client needs
  • Helpdesk and Server administration
  • Online activity reporting

Adaptive Housing

  • Server Housing
  • Server Virtualization
  • Application Virtualization
  • 24/7 Support
  • Continuous Backup

On Time

  • Tailored project development
  • Systems integration
  • Technology consultancy
  • System audit
  • Detailed reporting


  • Cost effective Solutions
  • Project design and solution maintenance
  • 24/7 support


+351 (21)418-8953 info@nextway-group.com Alameda António Sérgio, nº22, 5ºA Miraflores
1495-132 Algés, Portugal

IT Services

The services presented below are supported by more than a decade of experience, and audited to the highest standards.
Working with 300 user plus companies has provided us with the experience needed to maintain business systems flowing and assuring all security policies are in place.
Our experience with service-oriented companies provides precious feedback on developing purpose-driven solutions.
We are proud to be our clients’ partners on a daily basis.

Green IT

A cost effective solution to maximizing energy efficiency.


Outsourced or on-demand IT Support for all platforms, mobile devices and peripherals

System Administration

Maintenance and configuraton of all critical services, such as mail, database, file & print


Maintenace and configuration of all communication devices, such as: router, switch, VoIP, Wifi, etc.

Cloud Solutions

Server and application virtualization with 24/7 support and continuous backup.


Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement, providing flexible licensing for ongoing or time framed projects.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery and Business Continuity Plans


Firewall, backup and audit solutions.

SOX Compliance

Development and maintenance of Sarbanes and Oaxley Act policies program.


Supply and lease of hardware from all major brands.


Datacenter and cabling planning and implementation